Stopping Sales of DVD - Escape from Al Qaeda Temporarily

To all our great followers and supporters, i am sorry to say that I must stop the sales of our DVD temporarily.  I cannot continue to send them out as Jimmy's death has left me with a mountain of resposiblities along with a great saddness.

I will be moving and this will take great amounts of work and organization.  I am hoping once I am settled and coherent again I will be filling orders for our DVD.

I will be issuing refunds for any orders after March 12, 2021.

Thank you all and God bless,

JoAnne Moriarty

The Death of My Beloved Husband Jimmy Moriarty

IT IS WITH THE DEEPEST SADNESS THAT I TELL YOU MY BELOVED HUSBAND, JIMMY MORIARTY, PASSED AWAY TUESDAY MARCH 9,2021 For all you who understand he was "Breitbarted" they stopped his heart. For all our great supporters, please know that I am lost and suffering right now, sending out orders is very difficult,and may take some time. Donations are greatly appreciated as I must move from this location as soon as possible Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, God bless you all.. Jimmy loved you

Our dear Friend Norm Frost was Burned Out and Living in his Kennel

We are posting the link to "Go Fund Me" for those that would like to help our dear friend and small farmer who lost everything in his home on 2/15/2021. He is a good man who keeps a small farm now by himself having lost his wife and partner about 8 months ago due to a long term illness.  He is currently sleeping in his kennel and needs help to keep his animals fed and himself clothed and fed.  There was no insurance as all their resouces had gone to his wifes medical treatment.  He is a biblical scholar and follows the good deeds and honor that are taught in that good book.

Flashback 2014 - Power Hour/Joyce Riley Interview: Moriartys and Benghazi Eye Witness

James and JoAnne Moriarty bring forward a Libyan eye witness to the 2012 Benghazi catastrophe where the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was assassinated. This Interview was taped on the Power Hour with host Joyce Riley in January of 2014.  Joyce Riley has since passed away.

Part 1 PowerHour with Joyce Riley Jan 2014 Interview Moriartys with Benghazi witness
Part 2 PowerHour with Joyce Riley Jan 2014 Interview Moriartys with Benghazi witness


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