BREAKING.. Libyan National Army Captures ISIS sent to Libya by Turkish Intelligence

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The Libyan National Army has captured (arrested) a group of ISIS terrorists in southern Libya near the city of Sabah.

The Libyan tribes confirmed that this group of radical Islamic terrorists were hired by and funded by Turkish Intelligence.  This group was to move to Tripoli to cause chaos and crisis so that the Muslim Brotherhood can maintain their control over the Libyan capital and the Libyan Central Bank Assets. The intent is to destruct the ceasefire because within the 5x5 ceasefire agreement all of the foreign troops, mercenaries and militias must be removed from Libya. 

It should be noted that in the 5x5 agreement both sides (LNA and GNA) agreed to the terms, that being no foreign troops or weapons incoming, removing all foreign troops, mercenaries and militias, the opening of roads from Tripoli to Benghazi and other terms. The only side that has kept their part of the agreement is the LNA (Libyan National Army representing the Libyan people). The GNA (not elected phony government of national accord representing the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkey) has not kept ANY part of the 5x5 agreement. They continue to bring in Turkish troops, foreign mercenaries and terrorists. No roads have been opened.

Turkey, their mercenaries, their troops and the terrorist militias are the cause of the continuing crisis in Libya.  Remove Turkey, remove the militias and a Libyan country wide election will see the great country of Libya sovereign and secure for all it's people.