BREAKING NEWS - The Continuing fall of the Zeidan puppet government in Libya

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"The Party for Justice and Development (The Muslim Brotherhood) have withdrawn their ministers from the Government of Ali Zeidan" .. Source news channel Brotherhood.
عااااااااااجل ,,,,,,,,, حزب العداله والبناء (حزب الاخوان ) يسحب وزراءه من حكومة زيدان ..المصدر قناة النبأ الاخوانيه

The Puppet Government of Ali Zeidan in Libya is falling apart. No shock as there was never any support amongst the Libyan citizens for this man who carries a German passport and is a German spy. He was forced upon the Libyans by NATO, the UN and Obama. Good riddance Zeidan .


*** NOTE: The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood, a known Islamic terrorist organization, was part of the Libyan government is PROOF of the handing over of Libya by NATO to Islamic extremist groups (Ansar Al Sharia, Al Qaeda, LIFG and many others all the same just using different names to confuse the west). Under the past regime, Islamic Extremism was FORBIDDEN. Libya led the world in hunting down and keeping this psychopathic terrorists out of their country. 95% of the Libyan people HATE radical Islamism. The 5% who make up Islamic Extremists in Libya are who NATO, the UN and the US joined hands with to destroy Libya. There were not enough of them to take over the country so NATO imported 250,000 Al Qaeda groups to Libya to help destroy the country. Many of those foreign terrorist still reside in Libya.

*** NOTE: The Muslim Brotherhood is only stepping down to help facilitate the downfall of the puppet Ali Zeidan so that they can then take the lead in Libya.