BREAKING Tunisian Government Throws Out the Muslim Brotherhood "terrorist" Party

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So, the latest news on North Africa is BAD news for the Muslim Brotherhood and their Turkish regime headed by Erdogan.

One of the last strongholds of the terrorist organization called the "Muslim Brotherhood" in north Africa was Tunisia.  Not withstanding their quickly failing strangle hold on Libya via the unelected GNA regime in Tripoli, Libya.

Tunisia has been controlled internally for some time by a  party named the Ennahdha Movement led by a man named Rached Ghannouchi who is speaker of the Tunisian parliment and controller of many ministry appointments. Rached Ghannouchi is Muslim Brotherhood and has been working closely with Turkey and Erdogan against the will of the Tunisian people who do not follow radical Islam generally.  He has gone against the President of Tunisia allowing Turkey to use Tunisian sea ports and airports to transfer mercenaries and weapons illegally into LIbya to support the Muslim Brotherhood regime of the GNA against the legitimate Libyan people and their national army the LNA.

The Tunisian assembly (parliament) and it's different political groups have been fighting the stronghold of the Ennahdha party for sometime.  Tunisia has a standing Prime Minister, a an assembly (elected representative parlliament) and a President.  The standing Prime Minister as of last Tuesday July 14th was a  Mr. Elyès Fakhfakh.  Mr, Fafhfakh had issues   with the Ennahdha movement but had appointed ministers of that movement to control areas of the Tunisian government.  On Wednesday the 15th of July, 2020, Mr Fakhfakh tendered his resignation to the President of Tunisia, Kais Saied, who had requested his resignation the day before based upon a coming vote of "no confidence" by the required number of parliamentarians needed to remove a standing Prime Minister.  President Saied then removed all the ministers that had been appointed by Mr. Fafhfakh that were members of the Ennahdha movement.

What happened in Tunisia was a coup against the Muslim Brotherhood controlled Ennahdha party.  

This is what happened.  The Ennahdha party wanted to put one of their own in the Prime Ministers position.  They had a lot of control but they wanted Tunisia under their complete control so that they could force the country to join with Turkey against Libya.  The President of Tunisia is NOT a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and refuses to work with Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the different areas of control by Ministers and the Parliament have gone around the President (under the table) to aid Turkey against Libya in the past but with many problems and much criticizm. The Ennahdha party concocted a scheme using current law whereby the standing Prime Minister could be removed by a vote no confidence by at least of 109 members of the Parliment.  After that the Ennahdha party who had the most signatures on the vote of no confidence would by law be allowed to appoint the new Prime Minister using their power in the parliament to push through whom ever they nominated.  This act would give the Muslim Brotherhood almost complete control over the Tunisian government.

Many members of the parliament who are against the Ennahdha party and their strong handed manipulations decided to thwart this coup.  By law in Tunisia, the President can ask for the resignation of the standing Prime Minister. If this happens, when the Prime Minister resigns, then the President of Tunisia is the one who names the next Prime Minister after taking recommendations and using a certain time period.  So, the President beat the Ennahdha party by requesting the resignation of the Prime Minister before the Ennahdha party could put forward their vote of no confidence against the standing prime minister, thus removing their chance to appoint their own Muslim Brotherhood puppet to be Prime Minister. This caused outrage by the Ennahdha party stating that the President did not follow the law but unfortunately for them, not only did he follow the law but he used their document of "no confidence" as his reason to request the resignation.

The next blow that hit the Ennahadha party was the removal of all Ennahdha appointed ministers from office, removing their puppets inside the Tunisian ministries.  Following that currently is a large movement in the parliament for a vote of "no confidence" against Mr. Rached Ghannouchi, current speaker of the parliament and leader of the Ennahdha party.

As is his obligation, the President of the Republic Kais Saied sent correspondence to the presidents of political parties, coalitions and parliamentary groups on Thursday evening inviting them to present proposals on the personality who will preside over the government, in accordance with article 89 of the Constitution. In a statement Friday the Presidency of the Republic assured that Thursday, July 23 is the deadline for receipt of proposals.

On a final note:  I would like to express my respect for the great Tunisian parliamentarian lady Abeer Moussa.  This lady has been fighting the Muslim Brotherhood and has been attacked merciliessly by them.  She has brought forward legistlation to classify The Muslim Brotherhood a "terrorist" organization and having done so, discovered that she herself has been targeted by the terrorist group both physically and in forged documents. She also warned the president of the “Free Constitutional”, Kais Saied of a conspiracy hatched by Ennahda to target it.

Also, escalating tension prevails in the relationship between the Free Constitutional Party and Ennahdha, against the party’s accusation of terrorism, and its calls to classify the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and to hold Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi accountable. Last week, Ms Moussa said during a session of accountability for Ghannouchi, “We are not honored to be at the head of the Tunisian parliament,” adding, “Your leaders are brothers and are classified as a global terrorist.”

Quotes regarding Ms. Moussa from this article:

Thank you Tunisia, for standing against terrorism and by doing that helping your brothers and sisters in Libya to cleanse their country of the Muslim Brotherhood disease that has invaded their country.