Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Unelected, Illegitimate Muslim Brotherhood GNA Tripoli Regime

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I am re-publishing an article from the Al Marsad News below my editorial.

I would like to add some information about the Government of National Accord (the name is a joke) better known as the "GNA". The GNA is a "REGIME" of the Muslim Brotherhood and a full puppet of the Turkish madman Erdogan. This regime is made up of radicals and is a thieving, lying arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. Not one of its participants is legitimate, the so called "President" a man named Serraj was a furniture salesman who gained his position by being appointed by the United Nations (UN). Serraj is of Turkish decent. This gang of criminals was created in 2015 in Tunisia. The UN put together what they termed the "Skhirat Agreement" (I will post the pdf below titled "Libyan political agreement"}. This agreement was drawn up and was never ratified by the legitimately elected government in Libya (House of Representatives) in Tobruk. The Libyan people did not agree to some outside agency appointing their governing parties, especially radicals all being controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood headquartered in Turkey. The Skhirat agreement was to last for "TWO" years, during which time a full country election and a new constitutional government was to be formed. The GNA had no power to sign agreements with foreign countries, it was to work directly with the House of Representatives on all matters including the Libyan Central bank etc.

The Libyans did not agree to this and disallowed the entry of these basically self appointed criminals to set itself up as a government in Tripoli. So, realizing that their dream of control was slipping away, the UN under took to sneak these radicals into Tripoli by boat by the dark of night. The boat was met by the terrorist Belhaj and his radical militias, taken to a place of safety at Mitiga airport. The UN having heard of this criminal gang landing in Tripoli, immediately recognized them a the "legitimate government" in Libya.

From here on out the story goes downhill. The GNA regime did NOT fulfill one of its required tasks in the Skhirat agreement. It overstepped it's authority in every possible way. It has made illegal treaties with Turkey, it has stolen billions of dollars from the Libyan Central bank and passed it to Turkey with no agreement of any kind. It has joined hands with Erodgan to support its illegal activities with mercenaries, terrorists and weapons. When it appeared that the Libyan people's army was about to take it down, the GNA agreed to a ceasefire and talk about withdrawal of Turkish invaders and mercenaries. Part of that agreement was the withdrawal of the LNA (Libyan National Army) from Tripoli. The LNA kept it's part of the agreement but the GNA kept NOTHING of the agreement and put out the BIG LIE that the LNA had been defeated by their gangs of militias. Nothing could be farther from the truth, yet Turkey continues this lie on a daily basis, bragging about their great victory.

Meanwhile, the Khazarian Zionist controlled UN, who is fully aware of the fact that the phony Skhirat agreement RAN OUT in 2017 and that the GNA regime has been and continues to do illegal activities in Libya without any support or help for the Libyan people, continues their illegitimate recognition of the GNA as Libya's official government. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

With that short history of the GNA - the following article is a testimony to the continuing criminal activities of the "UN recognized" Turkish puppet, Muslim Brotherhood GNA regime.


Dangerous ISIS Operative Released by RADA Slaughters His Family in Tripoli   

August 15, 2020  - Al Marsad News

The capital, Tripoli, witnessed on Friday morning a horrendous massacre committed by an ISIS extremist recently released from a prison of the Presidential Council’s Special Deterrence Forces (RADA) as part of their systematic programme of releasing dangerous extremists. (Libya, 15 August 2020) 

The terrorist Ibrahim al-Ammari, a 30-year-old former prisoner of the RADA Special Deterrence Forces for 4 years due to his affiliation to the ISIS terrorist group in Sirte where he was a leader, slaughtered his father, mother, sister and his 4-year-old nephew at their family home in Tripoli.

According to security and local sources, the crime was motivated by his extremist beliefs. RADA Special Deterrence Forces issued no comment. In 2015, doctors who diagnosed Ibrahim al-Ammari at the Tripoli Medical Centre, recommended psychiatric supervision and that he suffered from “obsessional religion”.

The Bab Tajoura Battalion stationed in the house of Moatasim Billah Gaddafi in the adjacent al-Dhil Street arrested the terrorist. The Bab Tajura Battalion, however, transferred him again to the RADA’s prison at Mitiga—the same prison where he was an inmate before his recent release during the war in Tripoli under the broad powers granted to RADA under Fayez al-Sarraj’s notorious decree No. 555.

The RADA Special Deterrence Forces have released many extremists during the war period and used them to fight against the Libyan National Army (LNA). These included operatives of ISIS and terrorists from the Benghazi and Derna Shura Councils. The radical Islamist cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani, currently residing in Turkey, and his followers are still demanding the release of the rest of the extremists, claiming that they are “revolutionaries”.

The release of terrorists from RADA prisons have take placed under various pretexts spurred by internal and external political and military pressures.

Turkish intelligence also ordered many of these terrorists to be released while others were released via social and regional mediations and fake pledges as gestures of good-faith by RADA towards those they describe as “Madkhalis”.

With the presence of ISIS terrorists in Tripoli, and the large presence of Syrian terrorists, the capital city of Tripoli is becoming once again a hub for Islamist terrorists, with a noticeable spike in the rate of kidnappings, extortion, arrests, and killings.

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