Fixing Libya, USA, UK and France Fight to Win Biggest Piece of Oil Rich Libya

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The below link is for an article published in an Egyptian newspaper yesterday. The article breaks the story that the US, UK and France are all in a fight over who will fix Libya now that it is completely broken by THEM. How ironic is this or should I say how criminal is this?

The article is an interview with Dr. Abdul Aziz Song. The doctor is an expert in Libyan and North African affairs. He speaks quite candidly about what is happening in Libya currently.

First he says that France, UK, and USA are all fighting to take the biggest piece of the cake (Libya). Having brought their foreign intervention into Libya, they are the reason for the mess in Libya. Libya is now considered a "Gray" state, meaning completely unstable with no effective government of any kind. All the borders are open, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other Islamic extremist groups have training camps all over Libya and they are supplied arms and money by Qatar and Turkey. Both Qatar and Turkey are acting as fronts for the USA to arm and fund the Islamic extremists in Libya.

The Dr. goes on to say that France will be sending 3000 troops, Mirage fighter jets and other weapons to the African countries surrounding the South and East of Libya. The French have declared that radicals now pass through open borders into Mali, Algeria, Chad and Niger. They will set up their forces near the Libyan borders in those states and if need be will go into Sabha in Southern Libya to fight the radical Islamists.

On the USA front, there is to be a new investigation regarding the massacre in Benghazi and the murder of Ambassador Stevens in 2012. The Dr. says this new investigation is just a way to set the stage for the US to intervene in Libya and attack the radical Islamists. He says one must remember that it was the US that brought Al Qaeda mercenaries into Libya during 2011 NATO war, armed and trained them. He says the US has been tracking the radical groups since 2011 and has continued to feed them arms and money via Qatar and Turkey. Now, that the crisis has reached a pinnacle, the US plans to attack all the radical Islamic camps (campuses) to "save" Libya and help install a stable government. He notes that this kind of intervention is exactly why Libya is in the state it is in today.

In actual fact, the truth about Libya being taken over by Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Al Sharia and other radical groups, has been known by the west since before Chris Stevens’s death. It was too soon to begin to save Libya at time because it would be so obvious that it was NATO and the USA, UK and France that had installed these radical groups in Libya. In the past, there were no radical groups allowed in Libya by their own law against them. The agenda has been set and Libya must be saved now. The savior (whomever it is) plans to take the biggest piece of the oil rich Libyan country. At the same time the Zionist Bankers have already begun to push their puppet Abdul Basit Igtet (see earlier post on this website) on the Libyan people.

So, let’s sum up Libya in the past 3 years:

1. 2011 CIA (with the help of Qatar) False flag revolution started in Libya and CIA/NATO bring in 250,000 Al Qaeda mercenaries to take over Libya because the Libyan people by 85% are against the revolution. NATO begins to bomb Libya and runs 60,000 sorties in 8 months destroying the country (water treatment plants, hospitals, schools, homes, power plants, etc)

2. October 2011, Ghadafi is murdered by CIA and 2 million Libyans flee Libya for their lives. Al Qaeda now forms armed militias and roams the countryside imprisoning civilians at will without any kind of legal process. USA puts puppet government in place via falsified elections where only 3% vote at gunpoint. Militias torture thousands of civilians to death in illegal prisons and now 1 million are homeless inside Libya.

3. September 2012, Chris Stevens is killed in an attack at a CIA house in Benghazi along with 3 other Americans. Morsi, then President of Egypt is ousted at the man who funded and planned the attack on the Benghazi compound. Morsi is a close friend of Obama and head of Ansar Al Sharia and leader in the Muslim Brotherhood all radical Islamic groups.

4. May 2013, USA puppet leader, in Libya (Magarief) resigns and runs off to Switzerland with billions stolen from Libya. Now, Ali Zeidan, the German spy puppet becomes Prime Minister; he is a supporter of radical Islamist and remains in Libya until March 11, 2014 when he escapes in the night to save his life.

5. March 2014 Libyan tribes who have shut off oil production to stop Al Qaeda from stealing money from the Libyan people, sell a tanker of oil and ship it out. The USA illegally seizes the tanker and returns it "empty" to Libya.

4. Libya continues to slide deeper into anarchy. Innocent civilians are shot and killed daily, military personnel from the past regime are assassinated in their homes and on the streets.

5. Today there are over 11 campuses (camps) for Islamic extremist all over Libya. The Extremists have declared some cities in Libya Sharia states (women have no rights). Of the 3 million Libyans still inside Libya; 1 million are homeless, and the other 2 million now suffer with lack of food, medicine, water, etc. The 2 million in exile struggle everyday to exist with no income and far away from their families.

May 2014 - enter the "Saviors". The imperialist, Zionists of the west, UK, USA and France are now again "worried" about Libya. Apparently, having created this mess they have decided it has cooked long enough that they can now return to split up the spoils of their creation. Knowing that the Libyan people have suffered for so long that they will accept any offer just to survive. AGENDA ACHIEVED! The 500,000 dead Libyans, the 1 trillion dollar destruction of Libya and the suffering of all the civilians in Libya was just "acceptable collateral damage".

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