Libyan School Girls Being Kidnapped in Tripoli - Forced to be Sex Slaves for Jihadists in Syria

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Tripoli, Libya September 29, 2013. Forty Seven school girls are kidnapped from their schools. The Islamic Extremists (Al Qaeda, LIFG, Muslim Brotherhood, etc.) controlling Libya by force have been encouraged by their radical Mufti (leader) to kidnap young girls to send to Syria to provide sexual services for the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist mercenaries fighting with the Syrian rebels in Syria. The latest report is that over 100 young girls from Tunisia were kidnapped and sent to Syria but are now being returned home because they are all pregnant.

There is an audio along with this article, the woman speaking is Dr. Fatima Benurran, a well known and highly respected attorney from Libya. We were with Dr. Fatima in Tripoli as she fought against the NATO and Al Qaeda crimes being committed daily against Libyan women and Libyan families. She is a great crusader for women in Libya, she is speaking from exile as she is one of the 2 million Libyans who cannot return home for fear of death. Out of the 5.5 million Libyans before Obama's war, 500,000 are now dead, 2 million live in exile and 3 million live in complete fear everyday.

This is an unspeakable crime against humanity, where are the cries for the innocent young girls? Where is the UN? Where is Obama? Where is the western media that was raging against some protestors being threatened in Benghazi. NATO and the UN and Obama blew up Libya, destroyed the government and placed it in the hands of Islamic extremists who kill, torture, steal and rape daily in a country without any security. Where is the world now? Who will speak for these young girls? Who will speak for the genocide continuing daily in Obama's democracy in Libya?

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