Muslim Brotherhood and other Terrorist Groups Illegally Claim Libyan Leadership

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In Libya there are 3 factions calling themselves legitimate governments and stating that they speak for the Libyan people. In reality, there is only ONE duly elected government in Libya. That would be the House of Representatives residing in the East of Libya in the city of Tobruk.

The second so called government is the GNC, or Government of National Accord installed by the UN in 2015 (led by Fayez al-Sarraj) without the consent of the Libyan people. And regardless of what you read on Wikipedia, the House of Representatives did not agree with the so called "Libyan Political Agreement" which was used as an excuse to install their puppet government by the dark of night. The HOR has pulled any assumed support for this agreement. However you will not read that on the internet. If you go to "Libyan Political Agreement" on Wikipedia it will forward you to the House of Representatives and it will state there that Mr. Aguila Saleh Issa (head of the HOR) expressed his support for this agreement. What it does not say is that all support was pulled and there is no existing agreement between the UN puppet government of Sarraj and the legitimately elected government of Libya the House of Representatives. If there was an actual agreement made then why did the UN puppet appointed people have to sneak into Tripoli by the dark of night (by boat) and then hide at the Mitiga airport until they were protected by the militias to go out in public and have the UN immediately recognize them as the legitimate Libyan government?

The third and most heinous attempt at owning the Libyan government is the so called High Council of State, (Arabic: المجلس الأعلى للدولة‎), also known as the Supreme Council of State. This is a completely PHONY and ILLEGITIMATE organization. They claim their legitimacy by using the same defunct agreement as the UN puppet government (Libyan Political Agreement). In reality they have nothing, they have no agreement with either government in Libya. But the worst part about these criminals is that they are all terrorists. They are made up exclusively of the criminal terrorist garbage called MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) who was founded by Abdulhakem Belhaj, who is a known terrorist, who led the terrorist mercenaries brought into Libya by the CIA and Clinton in 2011. Belhaj is a TERRORIST, a liar and a thief (he is now a billionaire) and he is the most HATED man in Libya, so much so that he has to reside outside the country, All the others in this so called council are Islamic radical terrorists, whatever name you want to put on them, al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, ISIS, Daesh, etc., does not matter they are all War Criminals, they are all THIEVES, they are all ILLEGITIMATE. They do not speak for the Libyan people and would never be accepted by any legitimate Libyan.

With all that being understood, we come to point of this article. The self acclaimed leader of the phony terrorist High Council of State, Khaled al-Mishri, is one of the leaders of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a designated world wide terrorist organization. So, as a self proclaimed "advisor" to the two other governments, he has arrived in the USA this week and will be speaking on behalf of the Libyan people in Washington DC on the 6th of February. It would never be possible to imagine that this criminal terrorist speaks for the legitimate Libyan people. These terrorists were put into power by Clinton/Obama/UN/NATO in 2011. They were taken out of power by vote of the Libyan people in 2014, but attacked the legitimately elected House of Representatives in Tripoli with guns and bombs and forced them into exile in Tobruk.

This Khaled al Mishri (who is NOBODY in Libya) and a terrorist, arrives early in the US to meet with none other than the Muslim Brotherhood's leader, Bashir al-Kabti, in Los Angeles on February 4 to learn what to say in his speech in Washington DC on the 6th of February. The Libyans asked me this: "How is it that the head of the Muslim Brotherhood (another designated world wide terrorist organization) resides openly in the USA?" The only answer I could come up with was that Obama was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and obviously there are parts of his organization still with power in the US.

It is still so obvious that the Libyan people, represented by the great tribes of Libya, continue to have no voice in the world in any country.

The terrorist mercenaries and the small amount of actual Libyan terrorists continue to be supported with money and weapons by the Military Industrial Complex (New World Order) via Turkey and Qatar. They want to continue their control and theft of Libya. They have no support in Libya, they are not welcome in Libya, the Libyan people HATE terrorism and want these criminals out of Libya.

To the radical Islamic Terrorists in Libya

LEAVE NOW or you will be forced to leave or die.

Libya does not want you, you have robbed, raped, killed, stolen and destroyed Libya.

The Libyan people and Great tribes of Libya will see you finished forever.

They will see their country and sovereignty returned to the legitimate Libyan people.