Our dear Friend Norm Frost was Burned Out and Living in his Kennel

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We are posting the link to "Go Fund Me" for those that would like to help our dear friend and small farmer who lost everything in his home on 2/15/2021. He is a good man who keeps a small farm now by himself having lost his wife and partner about 8 months ago due to a long term illness.  He is currently sleeping in his kennel and needs help to keep his animals fed and himself clothed and fed.  There was no insurance as all their resouces had gone to his wifes medical treatment.  He is a biblical scholar and follows the good deeds and honor that are taught in that good book.

The link to the "go fund me" site where you can help Norm is: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-norm-burned-out-and-living-in-his-kennel

We thank everyone for your consideration

God bless,

Jimmy and JoAnne