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Anyone Wishing to contact us directly can reach us at the following email address: aitrust@gmail.com

We were attacked but we are up and running now - we will persevere.

As has happened to us many times, we are under attack by those who come forward to "help" us. Four Intelligence agencies of the USA wanted to help us in our efforts to stop Al Qaeda and the murdering mercenary militias in Libya and to halt the influx of these psychopaths into the United States. In every instance, they work under the guise of being our friend and the result is more knives in our back. This has happened again with our website. When we refused to allow propaganda and unfettered control of our website to these types they killed our website. We are not web professionals but we are making a gallant attempt to get the site up and running again.

It was never our intent to charge anyone for full access, but again the " volunteer" began to ask for substantial payments. We never allowed that the result was a crashed site.

There was never an attack on any of our users, it was a personal attack on us.

We are working with others to put the site back into order, we request your prayers and your patience.

James and JoAnne Moriarty