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BREAKING Tunisian Government Throws Out the Muslim Brotherhood "terrorist" Party

So, the latest news on North Africa is BAD news for the Muslim Brotherhood and their Turkish regime headed by Erdogan.

One of the last strongholds of the terrorist organization called the "Muslim Brotherhood" in north Africa was Tunisia.  Not withstanding their quickly failing strangle hold on Libya via the unelected GNA regime in Tripoli, Libya.

UPDATE Libya - July 28, 2019 - LNA Controls the Skies Against Terrorist Militias and Serraj (Muslim Brotherhood) Tripoli Regime

UPDATE LIBYA, July 28, 2019

A number of events have occurred in the past few days regarding the Libyan people's army (LNA) and their progress in cleansing their country of terrorist militias, the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist supporting) government of Serraj in Tripoli, the Misurata terrorists, the Turks and Qatari's who are in Libya supporting terrorism and the illegal occupation of Italian soldiers assisting terrorists in Misurata..

UN / US Attempt to Install Muslim Brotherhood in Libyan Government

Well, this is no surprise. Barak Obama being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood himself, has been pushing for his buddy and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Marawan Ali Abu Serbueel to be appointed Minster of Foreign Affairs. This farse of a puppet government put together by a German representing Libya at the UN (why is a German representing Libya and before that it was a Spaniard) has absolutely nothing to do with the LIbyan people and everything to do with the Cabal of Zionists NWO criminals controlling the country of Libya via their own radical terrorist puppets.

Libyan Politician Caught Conspiring with Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar in Egypt

Today a Libyan politician from the Tobruk Government named Al Feturi , who was acting like he is against the radical Islamists in Libya, was caught on camera meeting with a Muslim Brotherhood leader, Wajdi Guneem in Egypt. You can see in one of the photos that the Feturi attempts to cover his face but too late - he has been exposed!

The were caught on camera along with their Qatar co-conspirators.

Great Tribes of Libya Reject UN Representative

The Great Tribes of Libya have issued a formal statement refusing the suggestion by the UN representative in Libya. I was given a quick translation from some Libyan friends and it is posted below:


BREAKING NEWS Libyan Government in Hands of Radical Islamists - Muslim Brotherhood Closes Tripoli Airport

The puppet government in Libya is now fully in the hands of radical Islamists. Since the removal of Ali Zeidan (Prime Minister) some days ago there is no form of leadership even puppet leadership in Libya. The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia and other radicals have placed members of their groups in all the top positions in the now failed state. There is NO government now in Libya there are only psychopathic terrorists who could not even spell the word leader much less be one .

BREAKING NEWS - The Continuing fall of the Zeidan puppet government in Libya

"The Party for Justice and Development (The Muslim Brotherhood) have withdrawn their ministers from the Government of Ali Zeidan" .. Source news channel Brotherhood.
عااااااااااجل ,,,,,,,,, حزب العداله والبناء (حزب الاخوان ) يسحب وزراءه من حكومة زيدان ..المصدر قناة النبأ الاخوانيه

The Puppet Government of Ali Zeidan in Libya is falling apart. No shock as there was never any support amongst the Libyan citizens for this man who carries a German passport and is a German spy. He was forced upon the Libyans by NATO, the UN and Obama. Good riddance Zeidan .

Muslim Brotherhood Fake Their Deaths in Cairo with help from Mass Media

This is a video of the Muslim Brotherhood faking their deaths in the streets of Cairo while the media films them. This is the kind of media that ruined Libya – all lies. They even built a fake “green square” in Qatar to show many Libyans supporting the rebels – it was a man made movie – we were with some of the reporters who were there in Qatar, they said it was a complete mock up of Tripoli


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