UN / US Attempt to Install Muslim Brotherhood in Libyan Government

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Well, this is no surprise. Barak Obama being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood himself, has been pushing for his buddy and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Marawan Ali Abu Serbueel to be appointed Minster of Foreign Affairs. This farse of a puppet government put together by a German representing Libya at the UN (why is a German representing Libya and before that it was a Spaniard) has absolutely nothing to do with the LIbyan people and everything to do with the Cabal of Zionists NWO criminals controlling the country of Libya via their own radical terrorist puppets.

Let me be perfectly clear, there are NOT 2 governments in Libya. There is ONE legitimately elected government headquartered in the eastern city of Tobruk. You ask why is it headquartered in Tobruk and not Tripoli? Here is the answer: In 2014 Libya held a general election to replace the puppet government installed by NATO and the Zionists. The election summarily voted OUT all radical Islamists and installed a brand new legitimate Libyan government. The criminals that were voted out did not recognize the election and began to attack those that were elected by killing their families and destroying their homes using any force they so desired. In order to survive, the elected officials had to move their families to Tobruk and set up the legitimate government there. In the meantime the criminals in Tripoli continue to hold the city by force and send their armed thugs to roam the streets. They now call themselves the legitimate government and this is so much BS. They were not elected, they were thrown out and the Libyan people do not recognize them in an official way.

However, oddly enough the UN and the Obama continue to act as if there are 2 governments in Libya - this is a complete lie and being used to give the radical Islamic terrorists in Tripoli some kind of credibility with the outside world. Just another continuation of the false flags, lies, and coercion that keeps Libya a failed state.

I have attached the UN document below in Arabic and English. This is the document that was rejected by the legitimate Libyan government as a complete joke. Libya can make her own government she does not need the UN to tell her people who their leaders should be. The great tribes of Libya provided me with this document and have pointed out 4 names of terrorists on the list of appointed officials. They are as listed below:

# 3 – Minister of Interior - Al Aref Saleh el Khoga - Muslim Brotherhood/LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group started by Belhaj)
# 4 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Marawan Ali Abu Serbueel - MB/LIFG (this is the one Obama wants)
# 20 – Minister of Training - Mokhtar Abdallah Agoueelee - MB/LIFG
# 26 – Minister of Islamic Affairs - Mohamed Eahmed El Walid – Muslim Brotherhood and well known by everyone

The great tribes of Libya are working hard to remove the terrorists from their country, they want the world to understand that the Libyan people hate radical Islamists and these criminals have been put in their country by force. They will clean their country or they will die trying, their country has been invaded and destroyed by the New World Order criminals and globalists. The main players in this atrocity are war criminals Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. Libyans are fighting radical Islamists supported by Zionist Neocons and the military industrial complex, they are fighting the worlds enemies and they are fighting alone, over 600,000 of 6 million Libyans have died and over 1/2 live in exile.

Past time for the rest of the world to step up.