UPDATE TRIPOLI - Head of Illegitimate GNA, Fayez Sarraj, Arming and Funding Terrorist Militias to Stop Peace in Libya

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Breaking Update: Fayez Sarraj was thrown out of the " The Russian and African Summit and Forum for Economic, Security and Peace Development" held in Moscow on the 23rd and 24th of October 2019. Russia understands the situation in Libya and does not recognize Sarraj as a legitimate leader in Libya. Russia knows that Sarraj was not elected and has no mandate in Libya. Consequently, when he arrived he was driven back to the airport in Moscow and sent on his way. This move caused a great celebration among the Libyan people as finally a great country recognized the actual truth in Libya and responded correctly.

The illegitimate GNA (Government of National Accord) in Tripoli continues it terrorist funding to support it's unelected Muslim Brotherhood regime. This regime was appointed outside of Libya and was sneaked in by the dark of night by boat to Tripoli harbor in 2015 where the founder of the terrorist organization LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) Abdelhakem Belhaj protected them until the UN could declare them the recognized government of Libya. Whereby they began to steal Libyan assets, Libyan money, imprison innocent Libyans, control the city by gun force and sign agreements with foreign countries illegally. This regime is held in place by the use of mercenary terrorists (calling themselves militias). These terrorist militias are brought into Libya by plane load via the Misurata and Mitiga airports (arms are brought in the same way). All of this is facilitated by Turkey and Qatar. Turkey is the now the world headquarters of the terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is desperate to hold on to their now dwindling control of Libya.

In order to understand the corruption and terrorists involved in the GNA and how it came illegally into power, I am posting below a full explanation by Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi of the people involved.

"Finally, in complement of its series of crimes against the Libyans, the Western countries have appointed a war criminal who was responsible for the destruction of Bani Walid and killing of its children, "Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehli" as a head of Libya’s highest authority, the State Council and appointed his nephew, "Ahmed Maiteeq" Vice President, his niece "Nihad Meitiq" General Director of the Foreign and his brother in law, Fayez al Sarraj, head of the presidential Council. In addition, Al-Swehli struck a deal with Belhadj, commander of the Islamic Fighting Group, to take the Islamist share of the presidential election. However, it is well known in Libya that if elections were to be held today, the above-mentioned persons will not guarantee and secure even their family members’ vote. Belhadj popularity was demonstrated in the parliamentary elections where he got only 50 votes in the Sauaq Al-Joumah district, which has a population of 250 thousand people."

To make matters more incomprehensible, Fayez Sarraj, has taking to lying OPENLY about "not supporting terrorists". Sarraj has NO SUPPORT from the Libyan people who see him for who he is, a thief, an interloper, a terrorist puppet and a LIAR. The ONLY way he remains in power is by the support of the terrorists and the support of the terrorists by Turkey and Qatar. When he began to speak about not supporting terrorists, the Libyan Tribes said.. "he must have forgotten who he is". This is their sarcasm and a way of pointing out that the man is a liar and a fraud.

Today the Libyan tribes Informed me of some on the ground intelligence regarding a highly wanted terrorist named Al-Saadi El-Noufaly. This man is well know as the main conduit in Libya between ISIS, al Qaeda, LIFG, Ansar Al Sharia and other terrorist groups. He is wanted internationally. There was an attempt to report him deceased but Al-Saadi El-Noufaly is alive and fighting in Tripoli for the terrorist Sarraj GNA regime. The tribes also sent me a short video of the terrorist militias who support the criminal regime of the GNA (you can watch the video on the bottom of this article).

They said in their "tongue and cheek" manner that Sarraj thinks the Russian intelligence is as weak as the Somali intelligence (which must be pretty bad) because it is a well known fact that Sarraj has no army and is kept in power by the force of the terrorist militias against the Libyan people and their army. Russia obviously understands the situation in Libya and knows exactly who Sarraj is and how much the Libyan people hate him. As stated earlier, he was thrown out of Russia and now allowed to be part of the Russian - African Conference.

The bottom line is, once the illegitimate Muslim Brotherhood puppet government (GNA) is gone in Tripoli, there will be peace in Libya. The terrorist militias will finally be cleansed. There will be a country wide election, a real constitution installed and a new duly elected legitimate government, working for the Libyan people and supported by them an all the great tribes.