VIDEO Great Werfalla Tribes Speaks January 25, 2014

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Important, those of you who understand Arabic will enjoy this. January 25, 2014 - Short Explanation in English Below (click read more)

The Great Werfalla Tribe of Libya (largest Tribe in Libya 2 million strong - from Bani Walid) speaks and tells the world what is happening in Libya. The Tribes of Libya are cleaning their country of Radical Islamists, NATO mercenaries and puppets. NOW CURRENT ATROCITIES ARE BEING COMMITTED AGAINST THE INNOCENT CIVILIANS OF LIBYA BY AL QAEDA, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, ANSAR ALSHARIA AND OTHER NATO MERCENARIES TRYING TO KEEP THEIR EVIL CONTROL OF LIBYA BY ANY MEANS. THESE EXTREMIST GROUPS (many of them from foreign countries) ARE USING BOMBS, SIRAN GAS, PHOSPHOR BOMBS against any tribe who stands against them.

The Great Werfalla tribe stands with, fights with and supports in any way the Libyan popular resistance made up of honorable Libyan heroes to bring their country out of the darkness left by NATO and the US.