What Is The US Doing In Libya Now?

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I have been waiting to write this article about the supposed US bombing of ISIS near the City of Sabratha in a place called Tellel on Friday the 19th, in Libya because I could not get confirmation from sources on the ground that it was the US that did the bombing. I still have not been able to confirm that it was the US because no one actually knows. They said there was no plane noise like when you are bombed from the sky instead just missiles which most likely came off a ship in the Mediterranean. The attack hit the large home (compound) of a known radical Islamist who was living in exile until the US/NATO destroyed the Libyan government in 2011. *note - the Ghadafi regime was adamantly against radical Islam so radicals either lived in exile or were in prison. The compound of this radical Islamist was filled with between 60 to 80 ISIS radicals mostly from Tunisia. The majority of them around 60 were killed. Two major terrorist leaders were also killed and one ran away. The first one was named Nour Addein Shushan and he was one of the targets of the strike, the second one was called Abd Al hag Mohamed Ali Al Aswad . Both of these terrorists were Tunisian. I have posted their photos below.

There were 2 hostages being held at this compound. They had been kidnapped some months ago from the Serbian Embassy. Both of the hostages were killed and I have posted their photos below - no names were given.

Now for the REAL story and this bombing is confirmed. The US has been bombing with their F15 fighters, the city of Derna in the east of Libya. Derna is a port city. The US is bombing Derna to open a pathway to bring ISIS and other radical mercenaries into Libya. They have been bombing now for 7 days and have killed 4 civilians. I think the writing is pretty much on the wall, the US does not want it's support of ISIS known in Libya so the bombing of Sabratha done by whomever was a perfect diversion to take eyes away from what they are really doing in Libya. You will notice that the news does not carry the bombing in Derna anywhere, but a big deal is made out of the killing of ISIS in Sabratha. This is to keep the world at bay, the US people under the ether that the US is fighting ISIS all the while bombing innocent Libyans so that they can transfer more radicals to Libya.

Libya has become a training camp for the New World Order proxy army called ISIS or Daesh or Ansar Al Sharia or Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda or whatever name they attach to any given day. Now that the election in the US is in full swing the world is not watching so closely the criminal acts of the Zionists and they are taking advantage of this to grow their mercenary army. It all sounds rather grim but never discount the great Libyan tribes, they are working every day to cleanse their country (behind the scenes). The great disadvantage for these mercenaries and their masters is that Libya is a huge country and the only people who know this country are the Libyan tribes, they move undetected - they are winning. Protests in the east now with the green flag promising a return of the great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya state are more and more frequent.

Images below:
1. Nour Addein Shushan - targeted terrorist from T:unisia
2. Abd Al hag Mohamed Ali Al Aswad - terrorist from Tunisia
3. Terrorist that ran - name not known
4. Dead Serbian hostages