Zionists Attempt to Repeat Italy's Unspeakable Past with Libya

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For those of you who do not know what was done to Libya by Italy from 1910 to 1947, I will give you a quick overview but I suggest you go and find the movie "Lion of the Desert" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0081059/) the story of Omar Mukhtar starring Anthony Quinn. This is a amazingly accurate movie about the Italians and their colonization of Libya. The Libyans were very successful at defeating the Italians for years in the desert because of Omar Mukhtar, a school teacher turned leader. Benito Mussolini.who was running Italy during the 1920's and 30's decided to send his most ruthless, bloodthirsty General, Rodolfo Graziani, to conquer Libya using ANY means. Graziani took to controlling all Libyans by putting a huge barbed wire fence across the entire desert, thus trapping any wild animals, camels, nomads, people etc. and they suffered until death. He also went about putting all Libyans in concentration camps where he starved them from shelter, food and water. By the time he captured Omar Mukhtar in 1931 there were only 200,000 Libyans left alive. So, there you have a GREAT shame for Italy, one to which Italy owned up to under Silvio Berlusconi and agreed upon a payment and other forms of restitution to Libya. This of course went out the window when NATO blew up the country in 2011.

Now we jump forward to 2016 and the corrupt United Nations attempting to put their puppet government into Libya. It should be noted that the Libyan people and the legitimate (duly elected) government in Toburk has NOT, I repeat NOT recognized the UN puppet government. It is not a government of the people of Libya, it is not backed by the people of Libya and it is not wanted by the people of Libya. There are NO tribes in Libya that support the UN so called "Unity Government" made up of Islamic terrorist foreigners (not Libyans). This Unity government is a joke, Libyans did not pick the members, there was no vote, there were appointments by those that would control Libya from outside. Those selected are all radical Islamists and member of radical Islamic Groups (Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, LIFG, Ansar Al Sharia, etc.). As you know if you have read my past articles, the Libyan people by a majority of 96% hate radical Islamists as did Ghadafi. It is therefore reasonable to understand that NO Libyan supports a government made up of foreign terrorists who are not Libyan and not selected by the Libyan people.

Libya is in pieces because of Obama, Clinton and their NATO war crimes, thus, the people of Libya have no voice. Tripoli is held by force under radical Islamist terrorists who threw out the legitimate government by killing their families and blowing up their homes. These terrorist militias holding Tripoli by force are made up mostly of Muslim Brotherhood, many are not Libyan. I should clarify that the radical Islamic groups in Libya are made up of foreign mercenaries, NOT Libyans. They might have a Libyan leader but they are mercenaries, they are armed and funded by the US via Turkey and Qatar and are under an arm of US CIA/Black Water contractors. In this way, the US keeps Libya broken and her people without a country.

The UN in its great wisdom, has decided to force the so called Unity government on the Libyan people and tell the world that Libya has accepted it. This is a total fabrication by the media in an attempt to sell the world on the Unity Government.

A couple of weeks ago, under the cover of dark, the Unity Government came to Tripoli by boat from Tunisia. They are not welcome in Libya so they hid themselves at the Mitiga airport (old Wheelus Airforce base) with the help of the most hated terrorist in Libya Abdelhakem Belhaj. In this way, the news was able to report that the new Unity government was now in Tripoli and the news reported that the militias controlling Tripoli have agreed to this new UN puppet government however, that has not been confirmed now for 2 weeks.

The most shocking part of this entire fiasco perpetrated by the UN is who they put in as so called leader of the "Unity Government". The man's name is Fayez al-Sarraj he is a PALESTINIAN, he is not a Libyan. But worse than that he is the grandson of the Italian butcher General Rodolfo Graziani, yes you read that correctly, he is the grandson of the Italian General who killed thousands of Libyans and hung Omar Mukhtar. This would be like Hitler's grandson becoming the leader of Israel. For ALL Libyans this is unacceptable; but think about the hubris of the UN to put this man in charge? Along with this person comes many criminals that have already been thrown out of Libya like Khalid Sharif AKA Abu Hazem and Ali Zeidan all past terrorist puppets of the Zionists who took over Libya in 2011. This criminal cabal will never ever be accepted by the Libyan people or the great tribes of Libya.

The great tribes of Libya know that behind this Unity Government is the UK and Italy, they also know that it is the US that is continuing the arming and funding of the terrorist mercenaries that are keeping Libya a failed state. This does not stop the Libyan tribes, they continue everyday to fight for their country and have successfully cleansed the city of Benghazi of over 90% of the terrorists that had been controlling that city.

It is time that the we the people of the earth step up to stop these atrocities being committed everyday by the evil Zionists (Khazarian Mafia). The Great tribes of Libya and the Libyan people need the support of the good people of the world in the passing out of the REAL TRUTH.

God bless you all...